Averlorn Campaign

The Lands of Averlorn
Lands and Islands in and Around the Archipelago
Predominant Races of the Archipelago
Cities and Towns of the Archipelago
Cities and Towns of Thebos
Potential Adventuring Locations in the Anvil
Ten Things About Lykaedia and the Anvil
Ten Things About the Kingdom of Erythos and the Gorgon's Trench
Gods and Religion in Averlorn and Thebos

Scadgrad's Map of the Lykaedia -  Anvil of the Gods

More campaign info on the World of Averlorn created by Scadgrad including house rules and campaign specific class and race descriptions can be found here:
The Savage Sword of Scadgrad

Supplemental House Rules Info (from UA and B/X Companion) can be found here:
Supplemental House Rules Info

Other House Rules and Rules Info from various blogs:
Troll and Flame Death and Dismemberment Table
Jeff's Game Blog Carousing Table
Kellri's Blogspot 1st Edition Spell Reference - Dungeon Designers Netbook #2
Kellri's Encounter Reference - Dungeon Designer's Netbook #4
Ritual Spell Casting from Beyond the Black Gate

The Labyrinth Lord Core Rules and the Advanced Edition Companion can be downloaded here for free in PDF format:
Goblinoid Games

You can purchase the rule books at LULU.  The hardbacks are print to order only but the perfect bound ones are usually in stock.  If you order something free from LULU (they have free PDFs available for download) and get on their mailing list they will e-mail you a 20% off coupon which will save you some money if you want the hardback books since they are expensive.  The Link for LULU is below:
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Goblinoid Games e-books (with art) are for sale at RPG Now here:
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Labyrinth Laboratory Quick Reference Sheets for Labyrinth Lord can be downloaded here:
Labyrinth Laboratory 

Rules Cyclopedia by TSR - look here if the rule isn't covered in the LL Core Rules or LL AEC
AD&D 1st Edition Players Handbook by TSR - look here if not covered in LL or RC
AD&D 1st Edition Dungeon Master's Guide by TSR - look here if not covered in LL or RC
Unearthed Arcana by TSR - look here for signature spells, weapon specialization and some magic items plus a few other unusual items of interest.

We usually roll for magic items using the LL Core Rules but if a Rod, Stave, Wand, Misc. Magic Item, Sword or Misc. Weapon is rolled up on the base chart, use the LL AEC magic item tables for random generation.  Sometimes the GM will roll for random magic item treasure from other sources such as the Rules Cyclopedia, Unearthed Arcana, Hackmaster or Diablo II among others.  Use the magic item cost as found in the AD&D Dungeon Master's Guide when purchasing, selling or trading magic items or the appropriate reference if the item isn't found there.  Again, use the LL magic item descriptions first and if the item in question isn't found there then refer to the other sources in the order shown in the Other References info section shown above.