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Averlorn Campaign: Notable NPCs and Guild Members in Lykaedia and Thebos

Captain Atros Grimglory – Captain of the Deft Heron a river going Merchant Vessel
Atros Grimglory is the captain of a merchant ship that regularly runs the river trade routes between Limus Towne, Zademis and Medea’s Gate.  The ship is owned by the Sorinus family and the good captain is their employee.

Argus discovers the sword Hope Blighter
Prefect Ahmet – A prefect of the Surgeons of Hecate.
Ahmet is a lean undertaker-looking fellow who was in charge of guild operations in Medea's Gate for a time.

Argus Norviadras – A guildsman of the Hoplites of Athena.
Argus is also the proprietor of the Emporium Inn in Ptoleph.  Argus is the third son of Severed Norviadras and he sometimes sells magic items found during his adventuring days.  He sold Lucias the Sword “Hope Blighter” which he said was found in a crypt south of Demeteros.

Cori the Hosteller – Horse Trainer and leader of Ophidian Hand in Medea’s Gate.
She runs the Ophidian Hand which is the local thieves’ guild in Medea’s Gate.  She also trains horses (probably a front for Thieves’ Guild) and controls the north side market district of town where the open ground and stables are located.

Dominus – A brother of the Fraternal Order of Hecate.
He often travels by caravan while representing the interests of the Order of Hecate.

Ebru – A sorceress in Medea’s Gate.
Ebru can identify magic items for a fee.

Eldrid – Eldrid is a cleric of the Monastic Order of the Three.
He is a lower level cleric of the Order in Ptoleph who is in charge of selling healing potions and clerical scrolls.

Helaku – Helaku runs the money lenders operation of the Black Cloister in Limus Town.  He is erudite and well read.

Herik Ranjera – High Priestess of Poseidon.
Herik is the High Priestess and a cleric of Poseidon in Limus Town.

Lykaos – A very talented twelve year old boy wizard and member of the Dominion.
He can identify magic items for a fee and presides over sales of magic items in the guild hall in Ptoleph.

Maeve the Enlightened – She is a member of the Promethean House in Ptoleph.
She plays violin and has a very smug and aloof demeanor.  She is a sage and specializes in topics such as the physical universe, geology, mineralogy, physics, demi humans and giants and her rate is 200 g.p. for a day’s work.

Marut – A master surgeon and guild master of the Fraternal Order of Hecate.
He is Sybilla and Wilfred’s boss and is rumored to be a vampire.  He wears a surgeon’s mask in public scented with herbs and often travels at night.  He is greatly feared and has an aloof attitude and a dark sense of humor.

Miligro Conje’ – A Courtesan in Limus Town.
Miligro is a high dollar courtesan in Limus Town who is popular with the nobility.  She is sometimes referred to as “the strumpet of Limus Town”.  She is also a singer and entertains with a “troupe” of musicians at one of the local clubs called Mosaics.  She is rumored to be a Gatherer and is sometimes seen wearing their symbol of a black onyx goat around her neck.

Ornaskar the Intrepid – A sage and wizard in Demeteros.
Ornaskar is said to be a very knowledgeable sage and a powerful wizard of named level.  He is rumored to be one of the most capable wizards in all of Lykaedia.  His research is focused on knowledge, history and issues of a planar nature including the known planes of existence and anything concerning the demonic or diabolic in particular.  He is a friend and former adventuring partner of Obberon Remik and he has a tower in the town of Demeteros, one day to the north of Medea’s Gate. 

Owen the Collector – Owen has curios shop in Ptoleph and is a master sage.
He specializes in studies and records of humankind, philosophy, politics, genealogy and flora.  He often buys works of literature or other historical records and antique curious to sell in his store.  He doesn’t charge too much and will often accept curios goods in trade for his services and is generally a very friendly fellow.

Obberon Remik – A renowned warrior and demon fighter in Medea’s Gate.
Obberon runs a school of martial training with an excellent reputation in Medea’s Gate.  He is friends with Ornaskar the Intrepid, a wizard and sage that lives nearby in the town of Demeteros.  Obberon once searched for the Maw of Torment and another ruin north of Winterholm but never found either of the fabled dungeons.

Quillan Ardmirth – An Elf Mage of the Dominion.
Quillan runs the Dominion’s shop in Medea’s gate where one can often purchase or trade magic items.  It is laid out more like a library or center of research than a shop and items are brought out upon request rather than displayed.

Quinn – the Boatman of the Hill
Quinn is a fisherman in Limus town and will ferry passengers to the far shore at the Hill or beyond in his boat for a fee.  He will also pick up passengers from the far shore as well if he sees smoke signals on the shoreline.

Rosalinda and Rosabella – They are called the Grey Ladies of the Hill of Limus Town.
They live in an enchanted house on the hill that is rumored to move from time to time and are undoubtedly spellcasters of some sort though the common rumor is that they are witches.

The Sorinus Family – A well-respected mercantile group
This prominent family of merchants has vast holdings throughout Thebos and beyond and owns an impressive fleet of merchant vessels.

Sybilla – A cleric of the Fraternal Order of Hecate
Sybilla is the order’s prefect for the City of Ptoleph.  She is a cleric and also represents the Order’s interests in the nearby small mining town of Silverton.  She usually travels with one of the “reborn” as a bodyguard and Argus is her assistant.

Torian Demeri – A Paladin Prophet of the Sun.
Torian is a zealous Paladin and Prophet of the Sun of the noble Demeri Family whose family has a statue in Medea’s Gate.

Wilfred – A brother of the Fraternal Order of Hecate.  He is a promising young prefect of the Order and was recently promoted to the position of Prefect of the City of Medea’s Gate.

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