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Averlorn Campaign - Cities and Towns of the Archipelago

The Gleaming City of Cauersetti with her renowned arched bridges lies some seven days west of the Free City of Harbor Reach across the shallow ink-black sea.  Cauersetti is the capital of the Volkyr kingdom of Raegelith which lies on the island of Rhaghaera in the northern reaches of the archipelago. The city can be found along the western coast of the island.  Iron Keep is a fortress in the Falconbridge neighborhood of the city (a nice part of town) where the Brotherhood of the Black Crows are garrisoned (a mercenary Brotherhood of warrior monks who serve the God King).  Grimward is a dangerous vermin infested nasty quarter of the city adjacent to the dock district.  Other notable city quarters include a few rough neighborhoods such as Devil’s ward and Serpents walk, but there are much more well patrolled and peaceful districts such as Falconbridge, Merchant’s Ward and God’s walk among others.  Some of the great arches of the city are decorative in nature but the majority actually serve as bridges that connect the various districts of the city that are separated by the many waterways that wind and weave their way through the great metropolis.

The God King reigns supreme in Caursetti and much of Rhagheara and he alone has the sole power and authority to awaken the Imperial dragons – a special type of dragon given to the god king long ago by the Elves.  It is rumored that the Elves often come to Caursetti when the Imperial Dragons are awakened in order to help the God King’s dragon masters handle them, for they are the most powerful of their kind and the ability to control them is counted amongst the lost knowledge forgotten by most of mankind but that the Elves still yet retain.  It is also rumored that the Elves are desirous of acquiring one of the Imperial Dragons though none can say for sure.  When the Imperial dragons are summoned forth from their caves by the God King during times of war or strife, they fly high into the air above Caursetti to light the great beacons with their blue dragon fire – a magnificent site to behold!

The Free City of Cinnoros a.k.a. Harbor Reach – Harbor Reach is a prosperous protectorate of the Kingdom of Thebos which sits on an arm of land that reaches into the ocean far to the east of Thebos along the coast.  The city is quite young and surrounded by untamed lands but well located to defend itself.  Harbor Reach is a bustling center of trade and commerce and is an important trading port linking Thebos to the busy trade routes up and down the coast with the Archipelago to the west.  The city is a place the three primary human races of Averlorn regularly get together for trade.  Seven days to the West across the shallow sea lies the distant island of Rhaghaera and the gleaming city of Caursetti.  Harbor Reach is not as large or as old as Caursetti and trade frequently occurs between the two cities due to their close proximity.  Cinnoros hosts a large fleet of merchant vessels many of which are owned by its wealthy merchant families and the city boasts quite a large navy and an active fishing fleet as well.

Though it is a protectorate of Thebos, Cinnoros maintains a modicum of independence from the Theban Kingdom owing to its remote location, and people of all sorts seeking independence from the Theban kings or other tyrants often seek refuge here where they are far away and somewhat free from their former rulers or masters.  The result is that is Harbor Reach is considered a free city and boasts a wide variety of different cultures and races of people from many corners of Averlorn, including rogues, sailors, fishermen, refugees, former slaves, traders, mercenaries and adventurers all thrown together into the lively and interesting confines of the city.  It is a sanctuary of sorts for a wide variety of transient travelling folk and those who call it home, and it functions somewhat as its own city state with its own local laws and governance.  The reality is that like the kingdoms of the trench, it is really a remote backwater and is only protected by Thebos because of its importance as a gateway to maritime trade along the coast.  This invariably means that the senate in Grand Oryx rarely troubles themselves with the day to day goings on in the city unless there is a direct threat to its interests concerning trade and mercantile activity including war and the occasional act of piracy. 

The city does have a very large Oryxian guild presence due to the bustling maritime trade that occurs there, and it is sometimes referred to as “Little Grand Oryx” for this reason.  The city is well protected and has a very active and visible city watch, except in some of the rougher neighborhoods on the southern end of town.  The port in the harbor typically moors hundreds of ships at a time and the aerodrome is also very busy and usually hosts thirty or more dragon ships moored there on any given day.

The port city and shipping running in and out of Harbor reach is often plagued by roving bands of pirates which raid up and down the coastline looking to plunder lightly defended maritime shipping targets.  Adventurers, bounty hunters and mercenaries are often hired in the city to hunt down and eliminate these troublesome piratical bands and their leaders who prey upon the merchant vessels that frequent the port city.

Dark Eel Grove – a small town between Orcwall and Caursetti.  There was some trouble here recently Trouble the daughter of a trader’s cousin disappeared.  A party was sent out to find her but a Halfling was the only survivor of search party to return.

Point Chudoc a.k.a. the Devil’s Cape – point Chudoc and the town of the same name and lands nearby are located on the southwestern cape of the Island of Rhaghaera.  Point Chudoc is also called the Devil’s Cape because of the rock shoal and rough seas that cause so many shipwrecks here, and because of the many Sahugin that are known to prowl its waters.  About three miles inland from the beach, one can see a small square Norman style keep which guards the small human village that is nearby and serves as the seat of the Barony.  The town and keep are on the outskirts of the god king’s realm and the keep serves as a border outpost to guard against incursions by the forces of Malithorn.  The keep was was built by a minor noble named Emir Korin who was given the land by the God King and charged with the task of defending his borders from Ravishar’s dark hosts.

Orcwall – a.k.a. the Keep on the Borderlands is situated as a bulwark between the Kingdom of Raegeleth and Mallithorn.  The keep not as well defended as we originally thought – the baron has not been seen in some time and is presumed dead. He has been gone for 9 months or more as of the time of the Black Crowe’s adventure there.

The City of Rav'mheken – The capital of the Kingdom of Malithorn is the city of Rav ‘mheken which lies within a network of smaller islands off the eastern coast of Rhaghaera.  These islands are an extension of the Kingdom of Malithorn, most of which lies on the island of Rhaghaera in the Southeastern portion of the island.  Ravishar the Undying holds court in the tower of Nol Gremmen which overlooks the forbidding sea cliffs perched high above the city.

Tol Alatheon – a sea elf community and trading out post which is often incorrectly referred to as Alatheon, lies in the Northeast of the island of Rhaghaera along the coast. The island of Alatheon itself is to the Northwest – silly elves and their bizarre naming conventions.

Zarathus – an Etrisian coastal city much like Harbor Reach.  Zarathus is also a free city and a bustling center of trade and maritime commerce.  Zarathus is about a one week ship’s ride to the south of Harbor Reach.  Overlooking its busy harbor is a huge statue of Thor.  Despite the fact that the people of Zarathus are primarily of Ardrois stock, they worship a mixture of Greek and Norse gods.  The Crippled Ape Inn is a favorite of travelers and is usually relatively quiet.

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