Saturday, May 17, 2014

Old Dungeon Page Found in Dad's attic last week from the early '80s

I was going through the attic at dad's house the other day and came across a single page of a dungeon that I had written up long ago (probably in the early '80s before I went to college).  I was really into writing up dungeon adventures and drawing world maps and stuff before I got distracted by college, my future career, and other related future pursuits.

I'm posting this dungeon page image now because it gave me a chuckle while reading through it, especially with regards to the Grey Ooze trapped in a barrel in room #13 which will only attack the party if they are foolish enough to turn the spigot on on the barrel in the old kitchen just to see what will happen in that event (evil DM chuckles with delight as the players might do something like turning on the spigot which they would be better off not doing... lol)  It made me laugh when I read it and reminded me of how much fun I had writing up dungeons for D&D and AD&D as a kid and how creative I was with writing up dungeons for these game at the time.

Anyway, there's plenty more where this came from and I have the rest of the pages of this dungeon adventure and other dungeons that were written up long ago in my mom's attic and in her house.  I'll try to piece together all of the stuff that I wrote up back then as I recover the old dungeon adventure pages and clear out the attic and will post them here when possible.  In the future given, time I will endeavor to redraw the dungeon floor plans for all of this stuff up with complete write ups, and as complete adventures.  I will probably post the drafts of these adventures for free initially and may even sell them as complete adventure PDFs later sometime in the not too distant future once they have been polished up a bit.  It's a lot of fun rediscovering your childhood with stuff like this, and in the meantime as I make further discoveries of a similar nature, I'll post them here and make some fun blog posts at the same time...