Thursday, September 28, 2017

Portfolio Images from an old CD from a while ago

This one contains some game art, a few 3d images I created from 3d CAD models, some 2d line art drawings etc.  Again, fun work!

Air Warrior pilot wings icon in 16 colors - looks blurry if displayed larger...

Binary spaceship from ICE's silent Death space miniatures combat game drawn with Ink on Vellum and then the shadows were added in Photoshop.

Sarn Casle from the ICE's Middle Earth Role Playing The Shire module

Crossed Swords stone icon tile for ICE's Rolemaster Role Playing Game.

Drew this for Iron Crown Enterprises for the Shire MERP module back in the day.  It was generated from a 3d model, converted to 2d in AutoCAD, and then I added all of the wood print block style shadow lines and stuff in a 2d CAD file.  Kind of old school but it gives it that wood carving old school wood block print look like some of the other castles renderings I drew for them back in the mid to late nineties that were popular back in the days before modern graphics (see game art page for more of these images).

Isle of Kesmai Computer Game Cover Map done for the Kesmai Corporation in the late '90s with Photoshop before they were bought out by Electronic Arts.

A rendering I did of El Capitain using a 3d world viewing imaging program.  Can't even remember what it was called but it was fun to play with...  They had one for Mars too - you picked the coordinates, the view, and the viewing perspective angles and stuff...

3D model rendering drawn in Arris as a wire frame CAD drawing rendered in 256 colors while working for CMSS Architects back in the early nineties in Virginia Beach.  They were one of the few Savings and Loans that survived the Savings and Loan scandal, crisis and meltdown back in the day in the late '80s early nineties when I started working for Architects back then.  This was drawn in 1991 or 1992 while working for CMSS Architects with John Craus (my boss) at the time.  The building is still in Innsbrook and I drive by it every now and again.  Not sure who owns it now - Towne Bank as of one of the photos from 2015.  Need to go by there to verify.  It's just a few minutes from Innsbrook and the HH Hunt Homes office where I currently work...

These are some photos I found of this building in Insbrook in Richmond VA after this one was built - fun work!  Again, one of the clients remarked to me at the time "and they pay you to do this work?"  lol (more fun work)

Poisoned dagger tile...

Sword tile

Dagger tile

More Isle of Kesmai tiles and stuff...

Wood block style Lugash Orc tower rendering and plan for Iron Crown Enterprises Dol Guldur Module in Southern Mirkwood I think.  This is one of my all time favorites.  The module was written by David Woolpy and he did a lot of the concept art in low rez, I merely brought it to life using AutoCAD and a 300 dpi printer on glossy print paper back in the day.  Pretty phenomenal results from such low tech hardware and sotware.  When Coleman Charleton from ICE (the editor) saw these he remarked that they were the best illos he had ever seen while working there other the years.  Spent way to much time on these but hey, it was Middle Earth so I didn't mind making $10 an hour or something when it was all said and done... lol

The Lugash Orc Tower from the Dol Guldur module in southern Mirkwood - if you zoom in real close on the Gargoyles at the top you in the AutoCAD file you see they are smiling with a devilish grin and you can see their faces and other details (probably didn't show up on the jpg and bmp renderings though but fun to draw nonethless)... lol  I'll print out a closeup of that at some point just for laughs (still have the CAD files of this and the others).

Another view of the Lugash Orc Tower...

Oh damn!  Your P-51 Mustang is in trouble!  This was a status icon drawn in 16 colors for Kesmai's Air Warrior online flight simulator game before EA bought them out and shut down the Charlottesville office...

Another ICE plan drawn of the Citadel of the Maestas -  1st Floor Plan from the Lake Town module

Potion stone tile icon for Rolemaster with ICE

Pteradon spaceship rendering from their Silent Death Spaceship combat miniatures game.  I actually scanned in the prototype Pewter miniatures and then traced over them with Ink on Vellum, then added the shadows in Photoshop.  Love black and white and grey scale line art! It's so punchy!

Pulsar spaceship from ICE's Silent Death game

Binary spaceship from ICE's Silent Death game

Rat Icon from ICE's Rolemaster RPG Game

Air Warrior game tile from Kesmai's flight simulator game drawn in 16 colors - pixel pushing they called it... lol (if I publish this file any larger it's blurry since it's only 16 colors thus the small image)

Map of the Shire from ICE's MERP module the Shire

Flaming skull icon from ICE's Rolemaster game

The skull alter and the defeated Minotaur from Kesmai's Isle of Kesmai game... Fun stuff! 256 colors.

Primitive neanderthal Axe or something from ICE's Rolemaster game

T34 Icon for Kesmai's Air Warrior - this is one of those profile images they used in WWII to identify certain tanks, planes, and ships so you knew what you were up against.  Yes, if you are the Germans you want to drop your bombs on this one... lol

3D model rendering of the GAP corporate headquarters done by the Green Dean's architectural company in Charlottesville.  William McDonough.  I did the wire frame model and the renderings for this one too in 256 colors back in the first Iteration of Arktek back in the mid 1990s as a freelancer for my friend and class mate Antonio Martinez after we graduated when I took over Arktek from him as my own company.

Nice little doggie!  Isle of Kesmai city tile game play screen capture

Air Warrior Biplane tile image drawn in 16 colors

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Kesmai Corporation Isle of Kesmai computer game screen caps from the late '90s...

Most of these images were drawn with a combination of Photoshop, PC Paint, and Windows Paint in 256 colors - yeah I was an old school pixel pusher back in the day baby!

I did most of the graphics pieces parts and they put the game together.  I didn't draw the background, the stat info on the lower right or the text but I did most of the tiles in the actual game that they programmed into the game except for some of the characters and stuff (walls, doors, floors, furniture, features etc.).  Fun work but seriously old school 256 color graphics from the dawn of the computer game age!

More Kesmai Corporation Isle of Kesmai images

Sorry it's been so long since I've blogged here guys.  Here's some more fun Isle of Kesmai images showing the various stages of creating the Isle of Kesmai cover map and a few more Isle of Kesmai images.  Enjoy! (all files created using photoshop):

Literally scanned in a crumpled piece of velum and then added the borders from a black and white drawing and then gave it the sepia tone for the parchment background.

This is the initial Map I drew using Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro or whatever before I blurred it up in Photoshop.

Here is the blurred up drawing

Here's the dragon added to the sea...

And the north arrow...
This one is the blurred map added to the parchment and background...
And here is the final piece - quite a bit of work went into this.  It was the final version of the whole drawing and was on the cover page of the game or something if I recall correctly.

Fun work from back in the days when I was working for computer and role playing game companies in Charlottesville back in the mid to late '90s as a freelancer.  EA eventually bought out the Kesmai Corporation and poached their Battletech software among other programs and then shut down the Charlottesville office unfortunately.  I'd still do this kind of work today if there was someone local to do it for - again very fun work and very gratifying when it is all finally put together.