Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tales of Braxus: The Tomb of Abysthor

The next series of recaps are retroactive from our older C&C campaign set in Scadgrad's World of Braxus back in 2005.  There are gaps in the story because some of the missing sessions were either never written up or I was unable to save copies of them.  I did at least manage to save copies of the ones posted here though.

A little bit of background first.  After the demise of Hraal the Reaver in our previous campaign set in Necrovidia, the group eventually completed the quest to find the sword of Kel in the Lost City of Barakus so we decided to start fresh with a new campaign and group of characters.  The new campaign was set in the kingdom of Abingdon in Southern Brinnismore in the western isles.  There we explored the infamous Tomb of Abysthor written by Necromancer Games where the group found much fame and fortune but were up against the dreaded priests of the cult of Orcus.  The group eventually managed to persevere through many trials and travails to complete the module.  This was also the campaign where we commenced with the transition from 3.5 D&D to Castles and Crusades by Troll Lord Games but still retained some elements of 3.5 D&D like like signature spells and a few other things which were included in the house rules.

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