Monday, February 21, 2011

Tomb of Abysthor: To Flee From Shadows

Recap from 10-2-05

Cairi started out exploring the tunnel beyond the wall beyond the Ankheg pit and single handedly took on four skeletons quickly dispatching them with Ian backing her up. The rest of the group remained in the cavern where the ankheg pit was and kept an eye out down the hallway for the cultists in case they should decide to pursue and on the ankheg pit lest the sorceress or something else should crawl out of it.

It appeared as though Cairi was bent on suicide. When she was searching the rat tunnels she continued fighting the rats and wanted to explore further but all she found was more rats to chew on her. Coupled with having contracted the bubonic plague or something the cleric was sure she would have found more of the same and convinced the over inquisitive little girl that perhaps there was more treasure down the main hallway than there was in the rat warren. She eventually agreed and went forward into the next room where she ran into a large group of shadows. Since she was first into the room they all pounced on her and almost succeeded in turning her into one of them draining her strength tremendously. She promptly disengaged from combat and withdrew as far as she could running for her life. The group tried to take them out as they passed and managed to kill a couple of them as they attempted to finish off their victim and add to their number. Fortunately, Holzabog hadn't used his last lightning bolt and dispatched them before they could finish their work while Cairi managed to dodge out of the way of the bolt for half damage. Had she failed that roll she would have been one with the dark side.

Even after nearly dying and contracting the rat plague, she insisted on trying to open the door beyond the shadow lair. The group literally had to drag her out of the room to keep her from trying to go beyond the door because most of our spells were exhausted and we still had the body of the witch protector to return to Maeve.  The cleric thought that maybe she felt guilty about leaving her family the way she did and was bent on suicide by the way she was acting.

Back in Rahanna Brundel gave the gift of the dwarvish axe to the Duke to attempt to win his favor and be allowed to have access to their forge. Unfortunately, Niles Digby was there whispering into the Duke's ear obvious falsehoods about Brundel's motives as to his presence in the fortress. Ian the Bard helped out with most of the audience in explaining that we merely wanted to be able to visit the dwarves, help them tend their fire for the Duke and gain there services from time to time. Brundel eventually spoke and told them that the boon he asked for the gift was that he be allowed to serve the Duke by helping the dwarf craftsman out when possible (being a metallurgist) and to have access to their services when necessary. He also stated that he had no interests in the affairs of men and that he was not a spy for the king as he heard had been alleged.

Unfortunately, Niles Digby thought otherwise or somehow felt threatened by Brundel as a rival and continued to ply the Duke with scurrilous lies. The dwarf thinks that this Digby character is up to no good and possibly has evil motives. Ian found out from the bard at the Bag of Nails Inn (the high class courtesan establishment) that Digby was suspected of practicing sorcery and that when he goes out on the town he has unseen protectors watching over him sent by the Duke. Brundel thinks the Knights of the Bitter Rose may be interested in what he is up to - it may be worth it to have their Paladin see if he is in fact evil. He obviously has undue influence with the Duke possibly gained from his sorceress powers of persuasion. For all we know he could be allied with the cultists which would make him our mortal enemy...

Part 2 of 2 (written from the perspective of the Dwarven Cleric and Elementalist Brundel Kragenash)

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