Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tomb of Abysthor: The Temple of Pavaline

Recap from 7-9-05

We started off by trying to get some info on the Tomb of Abysthor from Maeve and Hennesee the scribe.  We found out that Abysthor was the last priest of either Pavaline or Oltherion (or both?) and that there were no longer any active worshipers or priests of the religions even though some still revere the old faiths (like the witches).  We also learned that the rest of the priests were buried there as well.  Also, Thomas got some info on the inscriptions in the temple of Pavaline from a Monk so we went back there to try to get in.

Before we got to the temples we found the bodies of four adventurers, some gold and their weapons which we later sold after discovering that they had fought a manticore and were then killed by a young green dragon.  Brundel cast a couple of consecrate spells on the alter and the statue to clean up the desecration and then we tried to get in.  First we said the words and nothing happened.  However, when Holzboch said the same words it opened up so we figured it was keyed to alignment (he is lawful good).  We went down into a large room with tapestries depicting Pavaline's many great deeds on them.  Behind the tapestries were three secret doors which appeared to be keyed to glyphs that were shown on Pavaline's sword, shield and armor on the tapestries.  Since we couldn't decipher the glyphs we decided to collect our loot and head back to town after spending the night inside the shrine to stay safe.  In the morning, Brundel cast four consecrate spells on the temple managing to cleanse about half of the structure from the vile desecration. On the way back we ran into some Troll whelps and Brundel toasted them with fire spells and then the others finished them off.

When we went to see our friend Cooley in the market to sell the weapons, we noticed he seemed to be under a spell.  Then Brundel was hit with the same spell (some kind of powerful charm spell) from a group of nobles with elvish daggers who apparently robbed Cooley of some of his maps including the map to the white tower.  This of course meant that they copied the map as well.  We sold our loot and went back to the temple to try again after getting a translation of the glyphs in the Temple of Pavaline.

We went to the temple of Oltherion first where Brundel cast a couple of more consecrate spells to clean it up but we didn't know how to say the words on the statue correctly so we went back to the temple of Pavaline.  There we were greeted by seven worshipers of Orcus and eleven red skeletons.  Apparently, Brundel's attempt to clean up their mess upset them and they decided to greet us on our next visit.  That's where we left it - a true cliffhanger.  If we stick around and fight it should be a tough battle but we may be able to defeat them if all goes well.  If not, it may not turn out too well for the group of adventurers.

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