Monday, February 21, 2011

Tomb of Abysthor: The Burial Crypts

Recap from 10-2-05 (written by Curtis)

We played team A (Brundle, Ian, etc), since we were still in the dungeon having fled from the cultist's hideout behind the big bronze door. The plan was to just play it by ear and see where things went. Our intent was to explore other parts of the dungeon that "didn't move the plot forward" so to speak.  We also decided that we would end up going back to Rahanna for rest and resupply afterward.

We went back to the Ogre's lair to retrieve some of the items in its cave that were left from our last visit. We took some mundane stuff and gave a two-handed sword to one of Maeve's fighters who lost his axe in the battle with the cultists. We found some dwarven chainmail that needed repair but otherwise was in good shape. We greyhawk'd the room and went back to the area of the ankheg pit to explore the cliff face that went up.

Cairi hopped up the ledge using her ring of jumping and tossed it down to Ian who followed behind. The cavern split into two and to the right the room ended in a small tomb with four wooden sarcophagi. When she entered the room four skeletons emerged and attacked. Ian joined her soon enough after he heard her engage in combat and together they dispatched them. She noticed some strange stone amulets with the symbol of Baazul on them around their necks. She couldn't break them with her hammer, and all four skeletons wore one so she took them all. There was nothing else in that room so the party proceeded up the left hand tunnel which catacombed a little bit and opened up into an area with narrow rat tunnels. Cairi searched the rat tunnels convinced the rats would have precious little baubles hidden away in them.  She crawled into the closest tunnel and found no rats in it but did find a swarm of rats in the one on the other side.  She fought and killed twelve rats but got chewed up pretty good in the face fighting in the narrow corridor. She wanted to clear the rats out to see what they might have in their nest, but the party grew bored with her shenanigans and made her come out of the hole. Brundle was certain that she'd probably contracted some kind of disease to boot.

The hallway ended with another cliff going down about 10 feet into a fairly large room with six sarcophagi like we found in the first room.  We were pretty certain that these would have skeletons in them and Cairie pulled out her weapons and hopped down into the room where she was promptly attacked by two shadows! She hopped back up and then seven shadows emerged - two man-sized shadows and five shaped like rats. Brundle attempted to turn them to no avail and they all attacked Cairi who was by this point becoming greatly concerned for her life. Holzbog, to his credit, kept throwing fireballs from his necklace but a couple of them were real duds. Cairi fled for her life with three strength and twelve hit points back down the hallway with all seven of the shadows in tow.

The shadows pursued through the rest of the party who took ample attacks against them as they fled past and managed to dispatch three of them.  Holzbog, quickly tried to assess her physical state by questioning Brundle to see how well she fared. Holzbog decided that Carrie would rather die than be a shadow and launched a lightning bolt down the hallway for twenty four points of damage. She made her save and ducked out of the way of most of the electricity and only took half damage from the magical bolt.  He managed to kill all the shadows with the bolt of electricity.

The party explored that room after the cleric managed to bring Cairi back to consciousness. They noticed a door on the far side which Cairi foolishly tried to open but it was locked. There was nothing else in the room. After this we left for Rahanna.

Part 1 of 2 (from the eyes of a little girl...)

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