Monday, January 24, 2011

The Temple of Elemental Evil Recaps

The next round of recaps is from our Temple of Elemental Evil campaign in 2008.  We started out in the Moat House and after much tough fighting, we finally managed to clear out the Bandits and Lareth and his other henchmen and monsters from the majority of the dungeon below it.  If I did write any recaps from this period they were deleted when the Battle Buddies forum was pruned.  I didn't get a chance to save them so these recaps start up as we first started exploring the actual Temple of Elemental Evil itself.  There are gaps from the first two to the last two (probably never written) and after the final recap the group fell apart and stopped playing but it was still a fun game nonetheless.  This is the campaign where I had several déjà vu moments from playing in the Village of Hommlet and the ToEE module below when I was a kid.  See the re-discovering Old School D&D post below for more info on that...

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