Thursday, January 20, 2011

Role Playing Game Session Recaps: Tales of Braxus

The primary purpose of this blog is not to reminisce about the good old days when I was a kid playing D&D, but rather to post recaps of our current games and to have a place to post some of my game art.  When I was in high school as the fiction editor of our high school's magazine, I was tasked with providing fiction stories for the magazine.  I had no idea what to write or how to go about this so one day I decided to write up a small one player adventure and play D&D in study hall with a friend so that I could write a story about the results.  This was the first recap I ever wrote and at some point I'll try to dig it up to post here if I can find a copy.

Later on, when I started playing in Scadgrad's game in Richmond, he set up a Yahoo Group for the game where I started posting recaps of our adventures for the users of the group.  The world we played in at that time was Braxus which was basically his home brew sandbox setting for our 3.0 D&D game.  It is very similar to medieval Europe in a lot of ways but has its own unique flavor.  More on that later.  Anyway, our first campaign was Hard Times in Hammerstad and we played through a starter module based in the city of Hammerstad first that I don't really know much about.  Eventually, we moved up to the Lost City of Barakus by Necromancer games where my character, Hraal the Reaver, a Hudan warrior (basically a viking) eventually met his end.

So the first series of recaps is from that campaign, although it isn't a complete tale as there are segments of the adventure missing.  Originally, I started writing recaps when someone missed a session so they could get filled in on what happened.  This meant there were inevitably gaps in the story line.  Later, when we stopped using Yahoo Groups for our game and moved to a bulletin board, I started writing them as a matter of course and ended up with some of the other forum members (mostly Warhammer miniatures players) reading them fairly regularly.  So these will be more of a sampling of the recaps that I managed to save copies of rather than a complete saga.  I wrote the final recap for this campaign last night from memory and a few old posts just to add closure to the whole series.

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