Monday, January 24, 2011

Tales of Braxus: The Lost City of Barakus

Recap from 10/8/04

The game started off with final conversions from 3.5 to C&C.  That didn't take too long and we started the session with only two players but four total functional characters in the group.  Since Eltherion was poisoned in the last session we decided to head back to the hamlet to rest up before returning to Barakus.  While there we found out that there was a Dortish Duke marching on Hammerstad with an army and most of the Hudan were answering the call to muster to face the invasion.  The Hyalmar were not nearly as enthusiastic being of primarily Hannite origin.  I think we know whose side they will be on.  Also, we found out that the motivation for the invasion had something to do with the Hudan desecration of their sacred Hannite temple.  Of course the Hudan priests actually blessed it with their presence!

While en route to Barakus the group was attacked by six Fomorri warriors on a side path adjacent to the road.  We made quick work of them and headed towards the ancient city.  Once inside we decided to explore the tunnels near the goblin lair which we had taken out in the previous expedition.  We entered a low ceilinged crypt room which had been looted of all valuables including the bodies.  In a false bottom in one of the sarcophagi Hraal found a recently made secret door that led down a tunnel via a ladder.  We closed it up for future inspection and kept exploring.

We followed the tunnel to the right until we heard some monstrous noises including the scraping of talons on stone.  We decided to investigate the noises and proceeded down the corridor.  Much to our chagrin we were surprised by a young black dragon!  It got the drop on us and sprayed us all with acid.  Immediately Nevyruhl collapsed into a heap on the ground.  With everyone still smoking from the acid and obviously hurt Hraal picked up the elf and withdrew from combat.  Eltherion and Master Ho promptly did the same.  We know where it lives and can come back and take it on our terms when we are ready.

After Master Ho healed the injured, we returned back to the main chamber and turned into the hallway opposite the entrance hall.  We could hear noises ahead from some inhabitant in the room.  Hraal dropped his torch and attempted to move silently down the corridor and hide in the shadows to set up an ambush.  Unfortunately he has not learned how to use his ability to hide effectively yet and he was spotted by a Fomorri barbarian residing in the room with two huge mastiff guard dogs.  He began speaking to Hraal and told him that he was an outcast from his people and came here to find some magical axe.  He also said we couldn't enter his chamber and especially didn't like our elven companions.  Hraal left his company and we resumed our exploration.

We went back through the crypt room and started exploring the tunnels to the left of where we encountered the dragon.  We explored a cave around a subterranean lake and encountered a group of giant beetles which we quickly dispatched.  After that we entered a series of tunnels off of the lake cavern.

We eventually came across a den of kobolds who tried to trap us in a net trap as we entered their lair.  Both Hraal and Eltherion deftly stepped away as the net went up.  Hraal got pelted with a half dozen missile weapons and then we closed in melee.  While we were fighting them Master Ho cast a spell in the background.  Out of the ground came a swarm of spiders that started devouring the hapless kobolds where they stood.  We finished off the remaining ones and stepped away lest we be devoured by the swarm of insects as well.  After healing our wounds from combat we ended the session - we didn't even search the room for treasure (it was getting late).

Overall C&C made the game run very smoothly - the combats took half the time they would normally take and there were very few pauses to look in the rulebook for anything.  I would have to say it was a smooth transition with very few bumps in the road along the way.

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