Monday, January 24, 2011

TOEE Campaign: The Fire Temple

Recap from 6/14/08

The group gathered the loot from the Fire Temple guys that we killed last session that we hadn't gathered or recorded yet.  We went through one of the doors and into a room off of the room where the last combat took place.  This room had a fire throne with a cheesy gold painted skull on it and three doors.  We found a secret door behind the throne.  We opened the doors two of which led to the private rooms of the Fire Temple head priest and the curate who we apparently killed last session and took their stuff.  The third door led to a hallway.

We opened the secret door behind the throne and found that it opened into the Fire Temple which had lots of braziers, fire pits and a chime attached to a tube hanging from the ceiling near an elaborate altar decorated with gold (see description in loot totals - and no we didn't mess with the altar).  Before going in, we decided to explore the other passages which appeared to lead to the other bronze double doors in the Fire Temple in case there was an ambush waiting to happen outside the two sets of bronze double doors.  Kieran first did this solo and invisible and explored several large halls one of which was the Hall of Triumphal Evil (see bottom of loot totals thread for contents) which was full of war trophies.  Behind one of the doorways off of a large hall he got a warm fuzzy feeling of peaceful goodness and quickly shut that door being suspicious of anything in this place with that kind of feeling.

Once we found the hallway that led into the Fire Temple, Kieran hid behind the secret door, waiting for escaping enemies from the Temple and the group went through the other passage that led into the Fire Temple.  Faust was up front and saw a fire priest sneaking around behind the double doors looking into the fire temple with his back to us.  He closed the door but when we opened it again the fire priest was gone.

We went down the passage where he was with Aelf-in-dur in the lead who peaked through the double doors into the Fire Temple.  He saw someone peaking through the second set of bronze double doors in the Temple back towards us and melee was joined.  The chief fire priest beat the elf in initiative and got his spell off first - Aelf-in-dur was held and couldn't get his spell off.  Gara and Berghoff went into action and attacked the priest who fell back into the hallway beyond the second set of double doors which happened to be on fire (the hallway).  They took some damage but killed the priest in short order and then the fire in the hallway went out.

After killing the Chief Fire Priest and taking his stuff, we made a lame attempt at trying to figure out the fire temple ritual which involved putting charcoal and oil (which turned out to be anointing oil) into ladles which Kieran and Aelf-in-Dur dropped into the two fire pits near the alter.  This was obviously not the correct ritual because four Fire Salamanders with Mirror Image cast on them emerged from the two fire pits and attacked the group.  During the melee, Aelf-in-Dur wasn't able to get off his defensive spell before melee was joined and ended up getting knocked unconscious while Gara and Berghoff managed to chip away at two of the creatures with Kieran's help, first getting rid of the images then killing those two on the right.  Faust saved the day by casting Major Image and "summoning" a giant earth elemental (like the ones from the earth temple) which helped to kill the two in front of the fallen elf on the left side while the cleric came to his aid.  Between the summoned elemental, the two fighters and Kieran they finished off the last two Salamanders and the battle was over.

Red, the mini dragon (Kieran's familiar), found the Temple's chest hidden in the larger fire pit when Kieran asked it to look for gems in the temple using its locate object ability.  The one gem in there was on the pommel of the magical sword which gave away the chest's location.  The group fell back to Verbobonc with all the loot and Kieran opened the chest with Mage Hand and used Unseen Servant to bypass the trap on the chest (assumed fire trap?) while on the way back.  See loot totals thread for the contents of the Fire Temple chest.  The group returned to Verbobonc to sell stuff and ID magic items and there was much rejoicing...

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