Wednesday, September 27, 2017

More Kesmai Corporation Isle of Kesmai images

Sorry it's been so long since I've blogged here guys.  Here's some more fun Isle of Kesmai images showing the various stages of creating the Isle of Kesmai cover map and a few more Isle of Kesmai images.  Enjoy! (all files created using photoshop):

Literally scanned in a crumpled piece of velum and then added the borders from a black and white drawing and then gave it the sepia tone for the parchment background.

This is the initial Map I drew using Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro or whatever before I blurred it up in Photoshop.

Here is the blurred up drawing

Here's the dragon added to the sea...

And the north arrow...
This one is the blurred map added to the parchment and background...
And here is the final piece - quite a bit of work went into this.  It was the final version of the whole drawing and was on the cover page of the game or something if I recall correctly.

Fun work from back in the days when I was working for computer and role playing game companies in Charlottesville back in the mid to late '90s as a freelancer.  EA eventually bought out the Kesmai Corporation and poached their Battletech software among other programs and then shut down the Charlottesville office unfortunately.  I'd still do this kind of work today if there was someone local to do it for - again very fun work and very gratifying when it is all finally put together.